General Queries

1)What are the benefits of doing Creative Art Workshops to the Organization?

*Team Building 
*Emotional Awareness
*Positive Vibes and Environment.
*Enhanced Commitments to company’s Vision and Mission.
*Happy & Motivated Employees inspired to take up new challenging tasks.
*Enhanced Effectiveness and Efficiency in all areas.


2)How many participants can we have in one session? 
Any number from 10 to 20 to 50 to 100+ .It depends on the art activity chosen and if work can be shown on projector then more people can see it.

3)Do you have online & Offline sessions?
Yes we have both options.
4)Will you be able to arrange art materials for the workshop?
Yes we can arrange all art materials needed for the workshop.
5)What Is The Minimum Duration Of A Corporate Art Workshop?
The best minimum duration will be 90 minutes without a break. Small  breaks for longer durations. .It depends upon the need and time available with the organization.
6)How Much Does It Cost?
This depends on the number of participants, duration, and type of the workshop you choose, we can quickly figure out depending on your budget & plan if you place a request to us.
7)Why choose us?
You choose us for we are experienced and skilled mentors and we deliver the best results in our field. ,
We provide  best quality of service , conduct organized workshops and we are .passionate about what we do.We are dedicated Fine Artists & Trainers.We believe that Art is meant for all and that anybody can do art and get benefits at various levels in both professional and personal life .
8).What All Options You Have As Creative Art Workshop?
There are unlimited interesting options for the Creative Art Workshops .  Though here we are only sharing around 15 topics . Subject/Themes/Workshops can be chosen as per your requirement. These creative art workshops brings more alignment and more commitment to company’s vision and mission . Further these workshops can be customized based on company’s needs and requirement.

Creative Art Workshops topics

Some of our Creative Art Workshops topics ::
1)Water Color Paintings ::Watercolors is a transparent medium and it’s fun to play with watercolors. Participants would be learning & exploring water color techniques with some exercises and finally create their own water color paintings. .
2)Acrylic Canvas Paintings :: Participants will be learning to create a beautiful acrylic canvas painting with the given theme. Demo will be shown with clear instructions.They would enjoy the process of creation and take away their masterpiece.
3)Palette Knife Paintings :: It creates wonderful textured embossed painting as paints are laid thick on canvas using knives. It’s quick way to create beautiful paintings and the process is so much fun , entertaining and relaxing.We learn the techniques of painting using knives instead of paintbrushes & enjoy the process of creation.
4)Acrylic Fluid Painting :: Fluid painting is a fun art technique that uses thin paints to create various beautiful colorful patterns ,textures ,designs without traditional brushwork.Paint is applied to a canvas by pouring ,sprinkling and other dynamic methods /tools. 
5)Indian Folk Arts :: India is a home to over 50 traditional folk and tribal arts. These Indian folk Arts have been passed down from generation to generation for more then 3000 years.Some of the very popular folk arts that can be taken in workshops are Warli Folk Art, Madhubani Paintings, Gond Folk Paintings, Phad Paintings and more. We enjoy learning and doing traditional folk arts with our present day art supplies.
6)Mandala Art :: Mandala means ‘circle’ .Mandala art is now most often used in art therapy , doodle art & decorative arts .As every kind of art , Mandalas can be used for self discovery and self expression.They can also have no deep meaning at all and just look pretty.The whole process is very meditative and every Mandala that is created is unique and beautiful.
7)Emotional Intelligence :: 4 to 5 different creative activities in 1.5 hours and can be done more if more time. These activities will trigger emotional responses , how do we feel, react and act in different situations.these creative activities would be therapeutic , entertaining and relaxing . 
8) Creative Thinking :: We create various creative paintings with any materials other then paintbrushes. This is so much creative as we will think out of the box to create  various artworks using balloons, crushed papers, fingers, forks, sponge, sticks, thread, leaves, etc .Think Creative ! Encourage Creativity ! Take initiatives and produce excellent results with creative intelligence .

9)My Dream /My Vision/Celebration of life /Story Telling:: through Warli Folk Art  , Indian Folk Art . Warli Folk Art is a great art form to express anything in simple geometrical forms.Anyone can learn to draw and implement easily. This activity connects us with our daily living, celebration in every little thing that we do , joy, sharing, relating and clarity.First we learn about this art form and then implement it with our objective. 

10)Art Magic :: Integrating various mediums , various elements like meditation, gratitude  ,music & dance with art activities . Integrating visual art with other elements brings team building,co-operation and more understanding among teams. This leads to more effectiveness and enhanced efficiency in the work place. Enjoying Art in new ways ,Boosting focus, memory, creativity and getting sociable .

11)Optical illusion art :: or OP Art for short is something that tricks your eyes so that what you think you see is different from what is really there .OP Art helps you to make your brain leads you to understand the working of a human helps to understand the difference between ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’.Op Art is abstract patterns – often in black & white for maximum contrast .

12)Doodling :: It is relaxing , unwinding and fun .Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may be random lines and shapes.Doodling improves memory and creativity. helps to learn more effectively, understand ourselves ,mind is calm and ready to reflect or think more deeply about what you are hearing hence become a good listener.Doodling can be considered as a type of process art , which means that the actual act of doodling is more important than the finished product.

13)Pencil / Charcoal drawings :: We can choose a topic and teach basics and fundamentals w.r.t that topic. Participants will apply that skill knowledge to create lovely skteches. This will help them to draw with clarity and later with practice can draw anything effortlessly. Drawing improves self esteem, creativity and expressions .

14)Mix Media Creative Art Activities for Creative Fun  like creating African masks, African Art, Aboriginal Art works from Australia , Greek Pottery paintings,etc ,Best out of waste and much more .We can use dry or wet mediums or mix media to create our artworks. Each work that is created will be unique and wonderful piece of artwork..
It will enhance team building, happiness, creative thinking and dedication to complete the given task with joy and hence create motivated ,happy employees ready to take up new tasks.

15)International Art Styles :: Let’s understand the painting techniques of famous artists and then create our own creative paintings. This will enhance effectiveness and efficiency in all areas.

16)We do Customize Creative Art Workshops based upon the requirement /objective of the company , the number of participants, duration, and type/number of workshops chosen . We can create unlimited creative art ideas w.r.t company’s goals.